July 2011 Issue

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  • Marine vinyl

    J. Ennis introduced four marine vinyls.

  • Pressed-polished sheets

    Vicar International now distributes Renolit pressed-polished PVC sheets.

  • Updated fabrics

    Revamped Harbor-Time and Sea-Spraé fabrics offer many improvements.

  • Harness stitcher

    Consew Model 2050 easily stitches large thread through extremely thick material.

  • Panel mounting system

    Innovative panel mounting system allows panels to be easily removed and refitted.

  • Misting system

    Mist-er-Comfort misting system installs easily to biminis, T-tops and hardtops.

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  • Deter employee theft

    Employers place a great deal of trust in their employees, but it’s important to keep your guard up.

  • Factors for choosing fabric

    Choose the best fabric for successful products and satisfied customers.

  • The drainable marine cushion foam from Wm. T. Burnett & Co. is a popular option for consistently wet marine applications.

    The facts on foam

    Pad profitable cushions by knowing foam options, properties and applications.

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