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  • LED lights

    Larson Electronic ’s Magnalight LEDWP-400 wall pack light incorporates a light assembly containing twelve 3.33-watt LEDs with a special reflector to produce an intense illumination.

  • Low VOC spray adhesives

    3M’s Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division offers low-emission versions of the company’s aerosol adhesives.

  • Pattern-making software

    ExactFlat automates the pattern-making process, taking you from a 3-D CAD model to a finished 2-D flat pattern file in minutes.

  • Sew-in labels, fabric

    Herculite Products Inc. offers Riviera Sew-in labels as an addition to its Herculite Riviera Marine Fabric line.

  • Telescopic ladders

    From Armstrong Nautical Products, the RIB and Center Pole Telescopic boarding ladders make it easy and safe to board a variety of boats.

  • Barnacle remover

    Barnacle Buster dissolves scale, barnacles, zebra mussels, calcium, rust, and other deposits.

  • Boat soap

    GreenClean Boat Soap is a concentrated solution that is tough on dirt.

  • LED light bar

    LED light bar produces a 6,880-lumen beam that reaches over 750 feet in usable length.

  • Misting system

    Mist-er-Comfort misting system installs easily to biminis, T-tops and hardtops.

  • Battery-charging boat cover

    Solar cover system harnesses the sun’s energy to keep boat batteries charged and ready to go.

  • Spray topcoat

    LINE-X Premium is a spray-on coating suitable for a wide range of retail, commercial and industrial uses.

  • Smart phone-compatible onboard security

    Global Ocean Security Technologies’ (GOST) newest version of the GOST Watch yacht surveillance system turns any smart phone or offsite computer into a remote monitor that displays live images from onboard security cameras.

  • TeleSwivel hitch adapter

    TeleSwivel hitches extend out from the vehicle and move side-to-side, increasing the target zone for connecting a truck and trailer by simply moving the hitch, not the truck.

  • 3-D modeling software

    TouchCAD is a general-purpose 3-D modeling and unfolding software .

  • Anti-theft device

    A start-up prevention system for single-engine outboard boats, yacht tenders, RIBs and PWCs.

  • Using social media to promote business offerings and connect with customers

    The explosion of social networking websites has created the ability to communicate and get information instantly through the internet without any cost. You may be missing a great opportunity if you are not using social media to promote your business' services. There are hundreds of social networking websites available for you and your customers to use that can be helpful in sharing information and creating relationships.

    Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are all great social media websites that can help you connect with your customers, create buzz and gain more business. It's free to become a member of each, and it's easy to create a profile and enter information about your company. Each site also enables you to post pictures, videos and website links for additional information.

    Some fabricators have found these social media websites to be very successful marketing tools. Awnings of Tulsa, in Oklahoma, utilizes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote its business. It has helped them gain new customer contacts and create brand awareness to potential customers in their region.

    Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are just three of several social networking websites available for you to use to promote your company. For tips on how to use these sites, click here.

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