Shrinkwrapping provides offseason work

Published On: January 1, 1970Categories: News

Ryan Polcyn of Dr. Shrink Inc. supplies shrinkwrap to fabricators. Shrinkwrapping is typical offseason work for marine fabricators. Polcyn finds that their downtime depends on location and climate.

“Our sales pick up considerably September to November due to snow and cold weather across many areas of the United States,” Polcyn says. “In the southern states, shrinkwrap actually becomes more popular during the summer months to protect against ultraviolet damage. Shrinkwrapping is becoming huge in the industrial market, so many of our customers are making it a yearlong business.”

Polcyn says shrinkwrapping can be an inexpensive addition to a fabricator’s business. It requires only a propane-fired heat tool, a roll of shrinkwrap, and a handful of installation accessories. The process is a series of logical steps with some common sense thrown in. For about $1,500, fabricators can purchase the equipment and a reasonable amount of material to get up and running.

Polcyn points out that the best way to advertise and market this service is to shrinkwrap a boat and place it where existing and potential customers will see it.

“The old saying ‘seeing is believing’ definitely applies,” Polcyn says. “Once a customer sees how durable, tight, weatherproof, and professional looking a shrinkwrap cover is, they are a breeze to sell.”