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Enclosure designed to prevent leakage

MFA Excellence Awards | March 1, 2008 | By:

Mike’s Marine Custom Canvas, Virginia Beach, Va.

This project, which won an Award of Excellence in the full exterior canvas powerboat 27’ and up category of the 2008 MFA Awards, involved a redesign and fabrication of a factory bimini/camper and enclosure. The client wanted a more functional enclosure, as well as a more watertight connection of the canvas pieces at the arch, and to each other, as the original had many leaking areas. There were many challenges on this project. The connection of the forward bimini and side curtains to the arch needed to be totally redesigned to prevent leakage. A continuous Seamark flap with Keder welt to the track, and zippers and Velcro to the bimini and side curtains provided a watertight seal, as well as ease of installation for all the pieces. The same type flap was made for the camper and aft side curtains to connect to the arch. The cockpit bench seat at the stern stuck out into the plane of the back curtains, creating a difficult fitting situation at the door area, as well as at both back corners. The original curtains were ill-fitting, so Mike’s Marine Custom Canvas repositioned and added snaps and Flex-a-rail track in order to make the back curtains more functional and form-fitting. The door is designed to unzip from the curtain to the right and swing out to the left and snap in place, rather than roll up. The u-zippers are covered with Velcro flaps to prevent leakage, and the screens can be removed with zippers when not needed.

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