Custom pilot house allows customer to see clearly

Published On: July 1, 2008Categories: Features, Projects

0708_f2_1This 1994 Monterey 265 SEL came from the factory with a substantial stock pilot house of traditional clear plastic panels secured to heavy fabric by hefty zippers. After four years of living with the stock version, the second owner of the boat, an avid yachtswoman in Southern California, decided to replace the worn and tired 14-year-old bimini and enclosure. She envisioned a new enclosure with less fabric, more “glass” and a few changes she desired from her personal experience with the Monterey.

After much conversation and negotiations to put the upholstery shop owner and the boat owner on the same wavelength, the Monterey was delivered to Bud’s Upholstery in Signal Hill, Calif. Recreating the bimini and enclosure and upgrading it with the changes the owner required, fell to fabricator and upholsterer Aaron Aguirre.