Genmar files Chapter 11

July 1, 2009

Genmar Holdings Inc., makers of Larson, Glastron, Four Winns, Carver, Ranger and other recreational boat brands, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Irwin Jacobs, chairman and CEO of Genmar, says that he plans on successfully reorganizing and ultimately coming out of bankruptcy as a stronger and better company. Jacobs believes that Genmar’s future access …

Repair system fixes fiberglass decks efficiently

The Flex-Mold Non-Skid Repair System from MAS Products repairs fiberglass decks efficiently and aesthetically. The Flex-Mold system does away with patch-job appearances by matching original fiberglass non-skid patterns. The five most common patterns are available. SOURCE MAS Epoxies

Software converts 3-D models into drawings and cut files

TouchCAD 3D modeling software converts complex three-dimensional models into drawings and cut files ready for production. Preparation for production is included in the design process to increase efficiency, rather than treating the processes as two separate acts. Push-pull techniques with integrated unfolding and unwrapping features are used in the software. SOURCE TouchCAD

Faux leathers replicate genuine leather grains

The Ultra Lifestyle Collection from Tri Vantage simulates leather fabric suitable for marine and outdoor use. The faux leathers replicate genuine leather grain and come in a variety of colors. Ultra Lifestyle fabrics tailor and clean easily, are flame-retardant and boast anti-mildew properties. Environmentally friendly technology was used to create the series. SOURCE Tri Vantage

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Cut costs, not customers

Think like your customers before making cost management decisions. By Marc Hequet Getting a grip on how to navigate through difficult economic times is challenging even for the most seasoned business people. It may be tempting to fiddle with prices and expend significant resources in scrounging for new business, but experts advise a different path. …

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Upholstery shop creates custom pontoon cover

One man takes on a pontoon cover that combines size with detailing. The customer knew exactly what he wanted when he showed up at Bud’s Upholstery in Signal Hill, Calif., towing a well-kept 2006 Odyssey Tri-Toon. “The stock boat cover on my Odyssey is getting tired,” he said. “I’d like a new, good-looking, custom cover…you …

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Shop layouts that produce big payouts

Efficient and proficient shop layout and workflow optimize production, inventory, safety and the customer experience. By Maura Keller Marine fabricators have a desire to maximize their shop layouts to optimize production, inventory, safety and customer experiences. But that is easier said than done, especially when it comes to small, clutter-filled shop environments. Can it be …

A last resort financing fix and more

By Mark E. Battersby A recently announced $15 billion, multi-pronged plan is designed to help ease the credit crunch affecting so many marine fabrication businesses. One part of the plan earmarks extra funding for loans and technical assistance by the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) “microloan” lenders. In addition to extra funding for microloans, new …

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Finding small quantities of Polartec and Windpro fabrics

Compiled by Juli Case Question: Where can I find small quantities of Polartec and Windpro fabrics? I only need a couple of yards for a special project. Answer: Polartec and Polartec Wind Pro are trade names of Polartec LLC, and they’re both fleece materials. For a few yards, it’s unlikely that you can purchase directly …

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3M offers SJ 3518 hook and loop fastener

Compiled by Juli Case Question:We’re looking for a specific hook and loop fastener, the SJ 3518. Where can we get it? Answer:With the product number, we were able to trace this hook and loop fastener to 3M. The company described it as an adhesive-backed, flame retardant hook and loop fastener that is part of its …