Cutting “fun foam”

July 1, 2009

Compiled by Juli Case Question: We’re going to be doing a foam cutting project in which we’ll cut out 200 pieces at a time. We would ideally like to use computerized equipment. The foam is ¼-thick “fun foam,” like you find at craft stores. Where can we get the equipment to cut it? Answer: We …

Memory foam topper improves mattress comfort

Hickory Springs Marine Group introduced a memory foam topper kit for mattresses on board. The do-it-yourself kit is available in twin, full and queen sizes and includes the mildew-resistant memory foam, template paper and a cutting tool. The foam topper is intended for use on existing mattresses to provide more comfort. SOURCE Hickory Springs Marine …

Fasteners allow easy boat top and cover installation

Stayput Fasteners available from J. Ennis Fabrics stretch for boat owners to easily apply boat tops and covers. The Spincut tool fits any regular drill and makes installing Stayput Fasteners easy and fast. Many OEM boats feature these fasteners, including SeaRay. SOURCE J. Ennis Fabrics

Welding material produces crystal-clear bonds

Clear Welder from ITW Devcon produces crystal-clear bonds with no surface preparation. Suitable for use on plastics and acrylics, Clear Welder won’t discolor in the sunlight. Manual or pneumatic dispensing guns are available. SOURCE ITW Devcon

Biodegradable barnacle remover works without damaging equipment

Barnacle Buster from TRAC Ecological Marine Products removes marine growth in an efficient and eco-friendly manner. The biodegradable chemical dissolves scale, barnacles, zebra mussels, calcium, rust, lime and other mineral deposits without harming the environment. Barnacle Buster does not damage equipment like mechanical brushing methods or harsh acid. SOURCE TRAC Ecological Marine Products

Eco-friendly treatement safeguards fabrics against moisture

Balance Barrier with GreenShield from TSG Inc. safeguards fabric against moisture using an environmentally friendly fabric treatment. The fabric finishing line repels stains and water using lower levels of fluorocarbon, making it easier on the environment and marketable as a green product. Balance Barrier is eligible for the Silver Cradle-to-Cradle certification. SOURCE TSG Inc.

Eco-friendly fabric finish resists dirt

Capstone by DuPont Chemical Solutions is an environmentally friendly fabric finish that resists dirt. The product was tested by many different environmental standards organizations and will be sold to mills under the trade name Oleophobol. SOURCE DuPont Chemical Solutions

Mooring system doesn’t disrupt seabed

The EzyRider Eco-Friendly Mooring System doesn’t have moving parts that touch the seabed floor, so it doesn’t harm the marine environment. Conventional mooring systems that use heavy chains can damage seabeds and marine habitats. EzyRider uses lightweight, heavy-duty materials that don’t corrode. SOURCE EzyRider Mooring

Adjustable wakeboard tower fits most boats

New Dimension Towers adjust to universally fit most all-sport runabouts, bow riders and ski boats. The wakeboard tower follows the contour of the boat’s windshield and combines cost-savings with fully adjustable components typical to exact-fit versions. SOURCE New Dimension Towers

Cleaning system removes pollutants from bilge water

BilgeKleen from Centek Industries removes pollutants from bilge water before it is discharged. Oil, gas and diesel fuel are filtered through the system, which fits into the bilge pump discharge line and includes absorbent pads for the bilge sump area. Any bilge can be fit with a BilgeKleen system. SOURCE Centek Industries