Dual-pocket part pouch

Published On: March 1, 2011Categories: How-To Articles

Organize snaps on a tool belt with custom pouches.


Carrying a number of boxes of snaps to the installation site can be cumbersome and take up space in the vehicle.


Make special pouches that hang on a tool belt to hold snaps of different sizes and types to minimize the number of tools and boxes needed to install boat canvas.


  • Each pocket is approximately 9 inches by 9 inches square.
  • Cut a double layer of fabric 9 inches by 20 inches with a curved top for a flap-style lid.
  • Cut a 7-by-9-inch fabric part for the inside pocket.
  • Attach a piece of Velcro to each part and assemble and bind all the edges.
  • Attach snaps to mount on either a tool belt or tool chest.


  • These pouches can also be used for storage in a work truck.
  • Each pocket can hold about 50 fasteners of each type.
  • Put snap caps in the front pocket and sockets in back. On my tool belt, I have four pouches with caps in pocket one, sockets in pocket two, studs and rivets in pocket three and screw studs of two sizes in pocket four. The caps pocket holds silver caps and black caps, and the socket pocket holds standard sockets and hard action sockets.
  • Keep the two areas separate by sealing with a Velcro strip attached to the back compartment.

Steve Griffith is owner of Marine Tops Unlimited in Madison, Wis.

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