NMMA president appointed to consumer goods committee

Published On: July 30, 2012Categories: Industry News

The National Marine Manufacturers Association’s (NMMA) president, Thom Dammrich, has been appointed to the Industry Trade Advisory Committee (ITAC) on Consumer Goods. The ITAC is a part of the International Trade Administration, a government agency devoted to strengthening U.S. industries through trade, investments and support for the National Export Initiative. Dammrich will represent the recreational boating industry as part of a committee dedicated to promoting U.S. trade and exports.

The ITAC will meet about six times a year in Washington, D.C. The members, all of whom come from the private sector, serve in a representative capacity presenting the views and interests of a U.S. entity in their respective industry sectors.

The committee provides nonpartisan industry input toward positions on trade agreements. It supports the administration through detailed policy and technical advice, information, and recommendations regarding trade barriers, negotiation of trade agreements, and implementation of existing trade agreements affecting industry sectors.

“I am honored to have been chosen to participate in this advisory body,” Dammrich said in a statement. “Exports are an important part of the U.S. recreational boating industry and continue to help grow our members’ businesses during the economic recovery and bring American-made boats and marine products to boaters around the globe.”

Source: National Marine Manufacturers Association