Non-adhesive bonding

Published On: January 1, 2014Categories: Products

Herrmann Ultrasonics provides customized solutions for your bonding, slitting, cutting and embossing applications of nonwoven, film and textile materials. The new generation of the Herrmann ultrasonic bonding modules enables high-speed production at constant quality without the use of adhesives and consumables. It allows for stable processes even at variable speeds. Further advantages: The ultrasonic process is immediately available without preheating and without cooling down. The laminated materials provide a pleasant softness and improve the quality of the final product. The technical improvement inside the Ultraspin module is the newly designed bearing sleeve technology (versus the alternative diaphragm system). It can be combined with the field-proven and patented MICROGAP control, which is used with a static sonotrode.
The close-loop MICROGAP control allows bonding of materials with consistent quality while ensuring there is no contact with the anvil.