Vicar Aqualon thread

Published On: May 1, 2015Categories: Products

0515_Vicar_Aqualon_threadVicar International has introduced new colors to its Aqualon #92 Polyester Thread line. Specifically constructed for outdoor applicaltions and recommended to match Sunbrella marine acrylic colors, the line features 32 colors and matches the most popular acryclic colors in the marine market. It also is applicable to awnings, canvas, patio funiture and auto convertible tops. Colors are available in 8-ounce spools, black and white in 1-pound spools and G and M style bobbins. Aqualon is also available in size #138 polyester thread matching the new colors. Vicar’s new Coats Star Ultra Dee thread complements the Aqualon line. The size #92 polyester thread is available in 36 colors in 4-ounce cones, with 1-pound units available in black, white and beaver in both size #92 and #138.