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Fabric on the frontier

May 1, 2016

Alaska’s extreme climate demands attention to detail and creative problem solving. “The remote area where we work can be a challenge so we have to be flexible and willing to do lots of different things,” say Eric Walton, MFC, and Devlin McKee, CC, owners of Custom Canvas Alaska (CCA) in Fairbanks, Alaska. “People come to …

Durable water repellence

Sciessent, a provider of antimicrobial and odor absorption solutions for the textile and apparel industries, now offers Curb™, a fluorocarbon-free durable water repellent (DWR) fabric finish. Able to provide enhanced, breathable protection from rain and moisture, Curb delivers the same water repellent performance as existing technologies without the use of harmful fluorocarbons. The fabric finish …

Camouflage boat covers

Aquatime Camoflage fabric is water repellent, color fast and on trend. Intended for boat covers and other maritime applications, the fabric features durability, UV protection and pattern clarity.

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Rocking the boat

Bold colors and new flooring alternatives are making waves in marine fabric. Greek philosopher Heraclitus said change is the only constant in the universe. While the application of marine textiles may not be as heady of a topic, it nonetheless abides by the same rule. Progress is impossible without change, and marine fabrics are making …

Corrosion-resistant zips

Opti LUX Shield zips have teeth and sliders that are resistant to corrosion caused by atmospheric exposure and leather-tanning chemicals. The Shield finish protects electroplated surfaces from chemicals and minimizes the damage caused by regular abrasion. Specially-engineered chemical and mechanical properties enhance their appearance and durability. The zips are available in shiny and matte choices, …

Plier-action hole cutters

C.S. Osborne & Co. offers time-saving plier-action hole cutters designed for manufacturers and fabricators of marine covers, auto tops, awnings, canvas products, cockpit covers and industrial fabrics. Yellow zinc-plated frames offer strength for accuracy, and vinyl handles add comfort to reduce fatigue. Model 4000 cuts holes to set curtain fasteners. Model 4100 sets turn-button fasteners.

Restyled sleeping cabins

Interior sleeping cabins on a vessel have always been my favorite projects. I enjoy researching options and ultimately providing customers with tidy solutions that offer easy accessibility. Cabin spaces and mattresses come in all shapes and sizes. One of my clients claims to sleep 14 people on his 54-foot Bertram with only three interior cabins, …