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New technologies speed up marine production process

Management, Resources | June 14, 2016 | By:

ZundCutCenter_V24These days, customers are driving the marine fabrication industry to move faster, and that means finding opportunities to make every stage of production move as quickly as possible. In fact, many marine technological advances have emerged, in part, because of end users’ feedback.

“We are constantly working to improve how easy it is to pattern, nest and automatically plot/cut in the marine industry,” says Thomas Carlson, owner of Carlson Design, Tulsa, Okla. “A big part of that is taking the time to understand who our customers are and what they really need. The technology is ready, and we see a great opportunity to provide simple, reliable solutions backed by great support and training.”
For many customers, solutions that are truly customized to their needs are essential. Understanding fabricators specific needs has resulted in advanced technology that enhances their productivity and improves their end products.

“A customized solution that enables fabricators to produce pre-made, digitized pieces helps them show their customers images of virtual prototypes as close to perfect as possible,” says Delitha Morrow Coles, communication manager at French-based Lectra. “That’s why we continue to invest in advanced technology to produce cutting solutions that help customers operate more efficiently, get products to market faster and enhance consumer satisfaction.”

For example, Lectra simplifies the technical aspects of design with built-in functionalities that capture pattern sewing documentation digitally. That gives fabricators the chance to easily archive, search, modify and print—saving time and eliminating the risk of misplacing or damaging hand-drawn drafts.
The team at Prodim International, based in the Netherlands, stays connected with the industries that they sell their products to. “We go to fairs, advertise and give workshops. But we also talk to customers about their wishes and research the industry for their needs,” says Priscilla Jagroep, marketing executive at Prodim.

“Every day our Prodim software and engineer team are working together in order to keep developing and expanding the possibilities of our measuring solutions,” Jagroep explains. “We believe in our product and that it can help a lot of companies in saving time, money and effort. We believe that this positive attitude toward the industry and also our commitment, provide our good results.”

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