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Window maintenance tips

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Many marine window products come with detailed directions for cleaning and maintenance, some with the provision that a warranty can be voided if something other than recommended products are used.

For example, Herculite®, maker of Strataglass, requires products made by IMAR™. “Boat owners should never use Windex®, Rain-X®, Pledge®, Plexus®, Simple Green®, OrPine or any other harsh cleaner to clean Strataglass products,” says Craig Zola, Herculite vice president of marketing and distribution. “They should also never use any kind of car wax. Using any of these products can damage the product and void the warranty.”

Zach Grant, marketing manager at Sailrite®, in Columbia City, Ind., says boat owners should always check with the vinyl manufacturer to see if they endorse specific cleaning products, but in general, he recommends that windows be cleaned regularly, using a hose to wash off dirt and salt, and a mild soap and water solution for cleaning. On press-polish vinyl, he says, never use cleaning products containing silicones or alcohol.

“Remember that the window is not glass, it’s flexible film,” says Julie Tinsman, senior sales manager at O’Sullivan Films Inc. in Winchester, Va. “Boat owners should use a new or clean microfiber cloth to wipe the windows—never a paper towel or a newspaper.”

Cleaning and maintenance should actually begin with the fabricator, Zola says.

“Once the fabricator completes the curtain assembly, we recommend using Strataglass Protective Cleaner to thoroughly clean the enclosure panels followed by a thorough application of Strataglass Protective Polish, both inside and out, as a final step in the fabrication process,” he says. “This will establish the first basecoat of protection and promote watershed.”

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