Tools, tips and tricks

Published On: July 1, 2020Categories: Shop Techniques

These are submissions to the Marine Fabricators Conference Tools, Tips and Tricks contest. 

Tip 1 : Grommet foot pedal

This custom foot pedal for our pneumatic Edward Segal grommet machine allows us to maneuver large pieces of fabric with both hands in order to set grommets more quickly and accurately, instead of holding the fabric with only one hand and using the other to press the machine arm down. The foot pedal is made of scrap plywood, a door hinge and bicycle brake cable. The foot pedal pulls the cable through the housing that depresses the machine’s arm. A small piece of aluminum bent into an L shape is attached to the face of the arm with a few extra small bike parts. It works great! We used this modification to set more than 1,000 grommets in wind dodgers for Puget Sound Electric. 

Matt Jones, Oyster Creek Canvas

Tip 2 : No scratch wedding band 

Here’s a handy tip: silicone wedding rings. You can find them easily online. I don’t worry about my wedding band scratching the gelcoat of the boats I’m working on. Lightweight and comfortable. Keeps my original band looking sharp for date night! 

Michael Charpentier, Paul’s Custom Canvas