Premier Product Showcase 2020 call for submissions

January 21, 2020

Reader surveys show that New Products are one of the most popular parts of Marine Fabricator magazine. Get your products in front of thousands of customers in the May/June issue of Marine Fabricator magazine, for free! Showcase your company’s most valued products and get maximum exposure. Deadline: Friday, February 21, 2020 NO COST TO PARTICIPATE …

Seam sealer

July 1, 2018

Most fabrics are only as waterproof as their seams. For boat covers, awnings, rucksacks and other outdoor gear, Iosso’s Seam Sealer keeps moisture where it belongs—on the outside. It forms an effective, invisible seal against water intrusion without altering the color or feel of the material. It prevents leaks on cotton, cotton blend, polyester and …

Lighter thread snips

March 1, 2018

The ECO thread nipper is a lighter weight thread snips from Kretzer that offers a new feel to snipping threads. Traditional thread snips require the user to pick up and adjust the grip, because the finger has to be placed in the ring before snipping. With these new snips, the user simply picks them up …

Heavy-duty marine shears

January 1, 2018

Kretzer introduces new Spirale 10-inch and 12-inch drop forged tailor’s shears with a thinner blade and highly pointed tip making cutting into corners and tight spots easier. A new, flatter screw system makes these shears easier to holster, and a lock washer in combination with a spring washer helps to keep tension on the blades …

Turn Button & Curtain Fastener Drivers

May 1, 2017

The Turn Button & Curtain Fastener Drivers work on screw-in turn buttons and curtain fastener studs. C.S. Osborne also makes a tool for bending prongs on these fasteners that is fast, easy and safe, and a durable hand punch for cutting slits for fastener prongs.

Fit Right Cover Kit

The Fit Right Cover Kit comes with 50 socket pins, 25 holding caps and 1 unsnapping tool. The kit helps fabricators save time when laying out projects and measuring patterns for marine canvas. Individual components also sold separately.

Turn Button & Curtain Fastener Cutters

C.S. Osborne manufactures the original cutting pliers used to install turn buttons and curtain fasteners in marine canvas. These time-saving tools make all jobs faster and easier. Made in the USA with heavy-gauge steel, hardened castings and stainless steel rivets.

Turn Button & Curtain Fastener Punches

C.S. Osborne manufactures two different hand punches used to install turn buttons and curtain fasteners in marine canvas. The punches are a more economical alternative to the company’s heavy-duty cutting pliers. Made in the U.S.

WeatherStrong® Outdoor Cabinetry

March 1, 2017

Florida-based Ideal Cabinetry has introduced a new modular Outdoor Cabinetry program under the brand name WeatherStrong®. These new cabinets are manufactured from a marine-grade waterproof polymer and feature 304-grade stainless steel hardware. WeatherStrong cabinets are built with precision dowel alignment and a fast-cure solvent-free structural adhesive system that provides excellent bond strength.

Furuno X-Class radar

January 1, 2017

Furuno has introduced the DRS6AX “X-Class” Radar. This radar sensor brings a renewed and refined 6kW open array to NavNet TZtouch and TZtouch2. The DRS6AX introduces a “bird mode” so flocks of birds can easily be picked out at various ranges without manual tuning. Along with new technological advancements, the DRS6AX gearbox pedestal is 20 …