• Working with pattern angles

    Published On: September 1, 2015Categories: How-To Articles, Projects

    This article is a preview of our hands-on presentation at the Marine Fabricators Conference this coming Jan. 14-16 in Clearwater, Fla. I want to talk about manipulation of pattern angles for both better quality and less time spent patterning. I will attempt to simplify and not talk about one-step patterns here. Most really large jobs [...]

  • Kid-friendly interiors

    Published On: August 24, 2015Categories: Interiors & Upholstery, Projects

    Marine fabricators emphasize durability, health and safety when designing kid-friendly boat interiors. Designing boat interiors with families in mind requires special attention. Marine fabricators first must understand how customers intend to use their boat before making suggestions on fabric choice, lodging and storage solutions that will meet all of their needs for having children onboard. [...]

  • The restoration of historic yacht Acania

    Published On: August 13, 2015Categories: Projects

    How the vessel was brought back to glory. The “Roaring ’20s” and early 1930s were a time in U.S. history when some of the country’s wealthiest citizens reveled in the beauty and majesty of elaborate architecture and design of homes, office buildings, resorts and yachts. One such individual was Arthur E. Wheeler, a prominent Wall [...]

  • Salon sofa upgrades

    Published On: July 1, 2015Categories: Interiors & Upholstery, Projects

    Restoration of a sofa on a 1996 50-foot Bertram features reshaped arms to match the larger sofa frame. Photo by Alayna Wood. By Terri Madden The waters of San Juan, Puerto Rico, have been home to many Bertram yacht enthusiasts ever since Richard Bertram opened a 25-acre plant in 1962. I have had [...]

  • Covering canvas repairs

    Published On: May 1, 2015Categories: How-To Articles, Projects

    Editor's note: Don Racine, a longtime Marine Fabricators Association member and supporter, died on April 18 as the result of a heart attack. He was 61. View Don Racine's full obituary. This article is about canvas repairs: We will discuss bimini tops, cockpit covers and full-boat travel covers. 1) Torn and dirty canvas is [...]

  • Upholstered wall panels

    Published On: May 1, 2015Categories: Interiors & Upholstery, Projects

    Multiple door panels require extra attention to measuring and hardware placement for a smooth appearance and proper operation. By Terri Madden Most likely, you will be reading this article as warmer weather streams across your state and your customers delight in contacting your marine-fabrication business with new challenges. If you have never had [...]

  • Ship Wrecked

    Published On: March 1, 2015Categories: Features, Projects

    Total boat restorations can be a lucrative, if laborious, project in the wake of fires, storms and water-borne debris.

  • Building a dream shop

    Published On: March 1, 2015Categories: Features, Projects

    Your new, ‘ideal’ shop should not fit your needs like a glove. Two things you should know about the ideal canvas shop: 1. It’s a myth. 2. Shop owners are into mythology.

  • Cushion styles—design and function

    Published On: March 1, 2015Categories: Projects

    As you read this, I hope you’ve written down and are applying the goals you targeted for 2015.

  • Unique fasteners and fittings for tops

    Published On: January 1, 2015Categories: Projects

    During the past few years, there have been a large number of new fasteners and fittings made available in the industry. I have found a number of them very applicable to the marine fabrication industry. With the import items from New Zealand, Australia, Germany and Holland, to name just a few, the U.S. market has [...]