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10 tips to build cash

July 1, 2016

If you are a marine fabricator who lives in a cold climate, you need to make the most of warm months when customers are motivated to get their boats in tip top condition. Those warm months are when you can expect a healthy infusion of cash, but that cash has to be carefully budgeted for …

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In praise of grit

Many readers of Marine Fabricator are business owners. Whether you own a business or work for someone, you regularly encounter obstacles that need to be solved to meet your obligations. Problem solving often requires great persistence or a quality known as grit—the resourcefulness and mental toughness to complete a task, despite frustrations and setbacks. Speaking …

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New technologies speed up marine production process

June 14, 2016

These days, customers are driving the marine fabrication industry to move faster, and that means finding opportunities to make every stage of production move as quickly as possible. In fact, many marine technological advances have emerged, in part, because of end users’ feedback. “We are constantly working to improve how easy it is to pattern, …

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How marine fabricators can be practical and proactive

June 7, 2016

Like many manufacturing industries, marine fabricators continually struggle with maintaining the right mix and amount of inventory to use in the production of their custom products. Sure, you can invest in comprehensive inventory management software to translate your inventory management into effective production processes. However, other inventory techniques can also result in an improved bottom …

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The 2016 State of the Industry

May 1, 2016

Positive outlook projected for marine businesses. Six years after the world economy emerged from the Great Recession of 2009, a return to a strong global expansion remains elusive. The downside risks to the world economy appeared more noticeable than ever in 2015. Economic growth has improved in the advanced economies—the United States, Japan and Europe. …

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Amending tax returns and other changes that can benefit your business

Every marine fabrication business faces an increasing amount of red tape in the form of rules, regulations, fees and taxes. At the same time enforcement on every level is becoming more aggressive and issue-focused—with even more costly results. Experienced fabricators know that tax mistakes are sometimes inevitable. Fortunately, a combination of unique tax write-offs and …

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No election blues here

If you are a regular reader of Marine Fabricator, you have probably noticed that Jim Tarbox’s photo is missing from this page—either that or he has drastically changed his look. Jim hasn’t changed his look, but he has stepped down as editor of this publication, and I’m taking over his duties. I will be the …

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Proposals: An overview

March 1, 2016

As you sell products or services, you might find yourself preparing a number of different types of sales proposals: Unsolicited proposal. A proposal that you initiate solely as a prospecting tool. Usually (although not always), you’ll speak to the customer before you submit it. RFP response. This is a proposal generated after you receive a …

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Great Lakes host tall ships race

The only “tall ship” I’ve ever been on is the USS Constitution. We were in Boston following a week of horse riding in the Green Mountains of Vermont, and it felt good to get my feet back on the ground. The main thing I learned touring the fabled vessel was that no matter how tall …

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Great sales proposals: The basics

As marine fabricators, you sell both products and services, and sales proposals are probably part of your business. Proposals educate prospective customers, motivate them to buy, and ultimately inspire them to establish and deepen a business relationship with you. What makes a great sales proposal? For starters, it: Establishes your credibility, providing evidence to your …