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Shop Talk: Custom Canvas

May 1, 2015

Custom Canvas by Yvonne Contact: Yvonne M. Peters Location: Fort Myers, Fla. Year Established: 1996 Number of employees: 1 (self) Shop size: 1,000 sq. ft.   How did your shop get started? Owning a boat with my husband, Michael, and daughters Jessica, Melissa and Denise, who were young girls at the time, I had to …

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Marine shop safety

April 2, 2015

By Mason Riddle The proverbial adage—“better safe than sorry”—applies to marine fabrication shops as much as anywhere. The mix of canvas, metal, tools and equipment can cause problems anywhere. Add chemicals, electrical and water to the mix, and a calamity could be waiting to happen. Much seems obvious, but the obvious is often elusive when …

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A dog’s life

March 1, 2015

Security officer. Receptionist. Greeter. Tour guide. “Shop dogs” play a variety of important roles at fabrication operations. We invited readers to submit photos of their shop assistants; here is our first gallery. 1. Penelope and Shaina Owners: Kenny Locke and Stephanie McLauchlan Company: Canvas Supply Co. Location: Seattle, Wash. 2. Chase Owner: Diane Buswell Company: …

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A clear vision

January 1, 2015

Charlene and Chandler Clark, owners of Signature CanvasMakers in Hampton, Va., are always careful to protect their clear vinyl windows throughout the fabrication and installation processes. “If we are working with a product that does not have a scratch-resistant coating, we will spray the glass with a protectant prior to working with it,” Charlene Clark …

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What is trending on the water

New acrylic-fabric options, customer color preferences and quilted cushion covers may not be trending heavily on Twitter this week, but in shops around the country, marine fabricators are noticing a changing tide in customers’ custom preferences. Game-changing new products don’t come along every year, but the custom boat-upholstery industry is steadily affected by gradual changes …

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Cover Girl Marine Canvas & Upholstery

How did your shop get started? As a young woman, I lived in South Florida and wanted to do something I could travel with. That was canvas work, and I found a job as an apprentice for the wonderful pay of $4.64 an hour and quickly found out I had a real talent for it. …

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The romance of the water

September 2, 2014

On-water repairs aren’t for everyone, but some fabricators are finding business to be lucrative. Question: Do you respond to your customers’ repair needs by hopping in your boat and going to their boats to do the work? Range of answers: “Sounds like fun” to “Nope” to “Oh my God!” Charles Klein, owner of Dorsal LLC …

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Off the beaten path

Uncommon, unique and outright strange requests are a regular for marine fabricators. Here are some favorites. Chris Griffin never thought she’d find herself in the restaurant business when she started B & C Custom Canvas of Hampton, Va., with her partner, Buck Tucker, nearly 10 years ago. But that’s exactly where she has found herself …

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North Beach Marine Canvas Inc.

North Beach Marine Canvas Inc. North Beach Marine Canvas Inc. How did you get started? In my dining room in North Beach. What is your product focus? I started out working in canvas and boat upholstery, and now I focus on fine yacht upholstery and other inspired works. What unique design elements go into your …

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Taking the show on the road

July 1, 2014

Mobile shops are an increasingly popular option for onsite repairs. In today’s fast-paced world, what could be better than having your marine fabrication projects done on site? These modular, mobile structures are an excellent solution for a world that craves quick, convenient service but is still unwilling to give up on the exceptional craftsmanship that …