Realistic Resolutions

January 1st, 2020

The tradition of making New Year’s resolutions is thousands of years old—possibly stretching back to the ancient Babylonians. The word resolution means being purposeful; intentionally deciding to do or not do something and then following through.  Resolving to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t may sound obvious, but it requires an […]

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Embrace change

September 1st, 2019

We all know that change is inevitable. This knowledge is a relief when things are going poorly and worrisome when things are going well. The transition to Fall brings changes to the weather and perhaps a gradual slowing to the frenetic pace of marine work. It’s a good time to take stock and commit to […]

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Valuable perspective

July 1st, 2019

by Elisa Bernick Perspective is defined as “a way of looking at or thinking about something.” It’s not an accident that we talk about “losing” and “gaining” perspective. It’s a valuable currency that we sometimes have more of and sometimes less.  At this time of year, it’s not unusual to feel like you’re losing perspective. […]

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Keeping your balance

May 1st, 2019

2019 looks like another year of growth for the marine industry, according to IFAI’s market research. The U.S. economy is above full employment and consumer confidence is at a 17-year high. Entering 2019, consumers see a stronger economy than do businesses; however, both believe the economy has room to grow. Although marine fabricators welcome an […]

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