Maintenance nitty-gritty

Published On: January 1, 1970Categories: News

Brian Bennett, MFC, of Custom Marine Canvas has advice on how to make machines work when using a particular construction method: double-stick tape.

“We follow certain construction techniques that deliver the products our customers want,” he says. “Those techniques involve holding and binding together cloth, clear vinyl, reinforcements and other materials before we can sew them together under the pressure foot of a commercial sewing machine. Staples are used a great deal. Staples can break needles and cut thread when we pass over them, but don’t have many ramifications in the maintenance of our machines.

How to

Remove the bobbin case from the machine, along with any cover plates on top of the machine. Tip the machine up and remove the tiny screws that hold in place the retainer for the hook assembly. Use a magnet, so you don’t lose them. With the hook assembly removed, you can now clean the whole assembly thoroughly. Reassemble carefully and completely oil the machine, including filling all the reservoirs. This is something Bennett does after a big project to keep his machines running smoothly.

Dara Syrkin is a freelance writer from Minneapolis, Minn.