New boatbuilding techniques make covers a snap

Published On: January 1, 1970Categories: News

Ben Braun of Canvas Craft explains how snap-on covers are now easier to create because of changes in boat building:

Canvas Craft has been building custom boat covers since 1976. In the last three to five years we have noticed a trend related to versatility. With people keeping a closer eye on where they spend their hard-earned money, customers want covers that will do it all. Boat covers that can travel down the highway, be securely fastened while on a boat lift or at the dock, and provide off-season protection present real value to the customer. Snap-on covers lend themselves well to this trend.

“Previously a majority of the covers were tie-down. With changes to new boat widths, depths, and trailer designs, it is becoming more difficult to build traditional tie-down covers that won’t damage the boat while traveling and towing. We have seen manufacturers such as Lund, Alumacraft and G3 start introducing extruded snap channels manufactured under the gunnels or rub-rail of the boat. These channels require a special plastic snap anchor for snap installation, but greatly reduce or eliminate the need to drill into the boat. Our custom-built boat covers are made with time-tested materials such as Aqualon, Avalon, TopGun, and Sunbrella and top-quality marine fasteners. The custom-built, snap-down cover is proving to be a trend that will continue for years to come.”

Dara Syrkin is a freelance writer from Minneapolis, Minn.