Top 10 tips for high-quality customer service

Published On: January 1, 1970Categories: News

1. Have a service strategy for organization.

2. Keep customer satisfaction data.

3. Use the data to take specific action based on customer feedback.

4. Model good companies that provide excellent service.

5. Look for examples of excellent service outside of your industry.

6. Be open to new ideas and approaches to service.

7. Don’t hire people who don’t like people.

8. Train staff on the importance of service, including product knowledge.

9. Understand the economics of doing a superior job and providing excellent service for customers; know what it buys you vs. how much you are spending on it.

10. Integrate all of your service channels (Web, chat, e-mail, phone, walk-in, etc.) so the customer feels like they are dealing with only one company vs. several.

Alton Martin is the CEO of Customer Operations Performance Center Inc. (COPC), Williamsville, N.Y.