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Travel cover fits like a glove

MFA Excellence Awards | March 1, 2008 | By:

Banner Canvas, Ham Lake, Minn.

This project, which won an Award of Excellence in the full covers under 27’ category of the 2008 MFA Awards, called for a travel cover to protect the entire top half of the boat. The cover was reinforced for road travel, and vented for breathability. This cover is able to protect the boat from sun and the elements, and will preserve the finish of the boat when not in use and during long-distance travel. The boat’s angles are largely curved both vertically and horizontally. Trying to get this cover to fit with curves going in both directions was difficult. The curves were throughout the entire boat, not just in one spot. Because of the curves, it was a challenge to get the fabric to pay properly both vertically and horizontally. Many more darts were used than in a normal cover. The owner of the boat is a long-time customer, who we were able to provide expertise to in making a cover that fits and will travel with no problems. It’s designed to fit like a glove, and looks pleasing to the eye.

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