Taylor Made Group sponsors Earthrace

Published On: July 1, 2008Categories: Industry News

The Taylor Made Group sponsored the Earthrace eco boat’s attempt to break the round-the-world speed record. The 78-foot trimaran runs exclusively on biodiesel and has a net-zero carbon footprint. The race began on April 27 and will attempt to make it around the world in less than 75 days, which is the current record. The Earthrace travels 24,000 nautical miles across the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans at a maximum speed of 40 knots.

If the Earthrace succeeds, it will be the first boat to break the record using only renewable fuel. The boat also uses low-emission engines, nontoxic antifoul and an efficient hull design. The ship’s captain even underwent liposuction to donate his own fat to be processed into biofuel.

The Taylor Made Group is committed to environmentally friendly products and processes.