Spool tool

Published On: January 1, 2011Categories: How-To Articles, In the Shop

Build a tangle-free cradle for binding and bungee.


Narrow goods, like binding, bungee and line, sold on spools, can be difficult to work with, and can tangle while working.


Build a simple cradle out of plastic or plywood to hold various size spools.


  • Cut cradle pieces to the size and shape, as shown.
  • Glue and clamp pieces together.
  • Secure with screws.
  • Use 5/16-inch threaded rod (available from hardware store) for the axle.
  • Thread a nut and washer onto one end of the rod.
  • Use a screw and washer to secure a small loop of bungee cord to hold axle in place.


  • Measure various-sized spools, and adjust the cradle size to meet specific needs.
  • Staple a piece of non-skid shelf liner to the bottom of the cradle to help keep it in place.

Keith Purves is the owner of Riverside Covers in Ft. Myers, Fla.

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