Simple storage

Published On: May 1, 2011Categories: How-To Articles

Use rain gutters as storage for ends of tables and next to sewing machines.


Small tools and marking pens are often hard to find and can get misplaced around the shop or under projects on the work table.


Build a simple storage compartment with lengths of vinyl gutter and end caps for holding items on the edges of layout tables and next to sewing machines. They can be cut to any length and installed on the edge of tables with sheetrock screws.


  • 14-foot length of PVC rain gutter
  • Snap-on PVC end caps for the gutter
  • Sheetrock screws
  • Driver drill with Phillips bit


  • Cut gutter to desired length with a hack saw
  • Snap on the end caps
  • Use sheetrock screws to secure to table
  • Enjoy your off-table storage

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