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Drop curtains and zip-on cockpit cover

MFA Excellence Awards | March 1, 2013 | By:

Award of Excellence | Lake Shore Boat Top Company Inc. | Detroit, Mich.

This project won a 2013 MFA Award of Excellence in the tops and enclosures under 30 feet category. It is a unique design for our company. The customer came to us looking for a new design to protect the aft section of his boat. He is an older gentleman who has difficulty taking canvas on and off his boat. He did not want a complete cockpit cover because it would be too much work to take down the entire enclosure every time to make sure that his boat would be completely protected with only a cockpit cover.

We designed this project with a complete enclosure with drop curtains and a zip-on cockpit cover with a zipper entrance on the port side, which is where he docks his boat and boards. He is now able to completely protect his boat from the elements and is able to enjoy his boat more, not having to spend as much time cleaning it up.

The custom cockpit cover, which zips onto the drop curtains, is a very unique idea. The design is very clean and it sheds water to protect the boat from the elements. We stitched three zipper flaps onto the three-piece drop curtains so that the cockpit cover could zip on and off in sections allowing the customer to board his boat and not have to remove the entire cover.

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