Fabric reinforcement

Published On: January 1, 2014Categories: Products

Keder is a textile product that is used to reinforce fabric products. Made with a flexible PVC cord and polyester material, the material is wrapped around the cord and, with the help of a welder, is fused to the cord. A flap of fabric extends from the cord. The customer has a choice of three different flap styles—single, double or welded. The flap can be sewn to any canvas material and welded to certain fabrics. Keder is available in many sizes and colors, but it can also be manufactured in custom sizes for any project. Using PVC or aluminum rails with Keder is an excellent way to attach panels, curtains and other fabric products. Once Keder is adhered to the canvas material, it can slide into a rail that is affixed to items such as boats or structures. Made In America also stocks PVC-coated vinyl. At present, only 23-ounce white is available, but additional items are always being added to inventory.