Younger boaters replacing older ones

Published On: August 7, 2015Categories: Industry News, News

The Racine (Wis.) Journal Times recently cited boating industry representative as saying that enough “younger boaters” are replacing older generations that recreational boating should remain economically vibrant for years to come.

“There is fall-off, but there are always new people that get into it,” John Matheson, chief operating officer of Milwaukee-based Siegel-Gallagher, told the paper. Siegel-Gallagher manages the publicly owned Reefpoint Marina in Wisconsin’s Racine County.

According to Sally Helme, publisher of Cruising World and Sailing World, “Recreational boating is trending slightly upward. A lot of younger people are getting involved” in the sport, she said, noting many younger people get into boating through fractional, or partial, ownership of a boat; and chartering and renting boats.

Helme said sailing is appealing to younger adults because, “It’s green, it’s adventurous, and you can do it with friends.”

“There are always people who age out of boating, like any other activity,” she said. “We see many older sailors switching to either smaller, easier-to-handle sailboats or else to trawler-type powerboats rather than giving up the water altogether.

“Because if you love the water, you love the water, and there’s nothing else you want to do.”