NMMA asks industry to support Miami Boat Show

Published On: December 9, 2015Categories: Industry News, News

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) sent out an “Action Alert” asking exhibitors, attendees and other stakeholders to contact members of the Miami-Dade County Commission and Congress to voice their support for the Miami International Boat Show.

Miami-Dade County opted to delay a vote on a key permit for the show until December 15.

“Our elected officials in Miami-Dade County, as well as our Congressional representatives, need to hear from you about why the Miami International Boat Show is important and valuable to Miami, the State of Florida, and the marine industry,” the NMMA wrote.

The association plans to deliver letters to key elected officials from the industry. Supporters can help take action by following the directions from Boating United.

“We can assure you the boat show will happen in February and we are continuing to move ahead with plans but we need you to share your voice so we can be louder about the need to prevent any politics from blurring what is most important—producing the greatest boat show in the world and supporting the South Florida community!” the NMMA wrote in the action alert. “Misguided opposition to the boat show from the Village of Key Biscayne has reached a boiling point—opposition that is based on mistruths. We have decided enough is enough and want to express just how many people depend on the Miami International Boat Show and how important it is that we move past politics and focus on the facts.”