Details that impress

Published On: September 1, 2017Categories: Editorial

Typically, it’s the “wow” factor of something that most impresses an audience. In the marine industry, it might be a gorgeous new canvas sail or a striking custom upholstered sofa with decorative topstitching. The clients’ reactions to the finished product are not only gratifying, but those oohs and aahs are critical to drumming up more business.

Of course, the flashy finished product looks effortless, but marine fabricators know those oohs and aahs depend on careful planning and attention to detail. Which is why the article on problem-solving fasteners is so interesting (see page 14). Those seemingly insignificant snaps, straps, grommets and other fasteners can be the difference between something fabulous and a disappointing failure. Several fabricators mention that using the right fasteners are the key to solving problems rather than creating them.

And speaking of solving problems, the article about pinking (see page 20) presents some new science and possible solutions to this challenging condition.

Attention to detail is certainly the key to mastering “the big three”—a dodger, bimini and enclosure combination. Mark Hood, MFA, who, with his wife, Deb, owns and operates Hood Marine Canvas Training in Merrimac, Mass., describes the critical steps in this process on page 35. And on page 39, Terri Madden, owner of Sand Sea & Air Interiors, discusses the design details and trends that had her oohing and aahing at a recent boat show.

And finally, Kate Mitchell’s children spent a decade learning the hands-on details of their family’s Alaska-based business before taking the reins of NOMAR (see page 28). “I sewed Brailer handles until they were coming out of my ears,” says Kate’s daughter Jennifer, who is now the office manager.

And speaking of details, please visit and for information about IFAI Expo 2017 and the Marine Fabricators Conference in January. I’ll be ready with a warm handshake and an open ear, so please introduce yourself and tell me what’s on your mind—details or wow factors—I’m always interested in what you have to say.