2018 MFA Conference: Community and strength to meet tough challenges

Published On: November 1, 2017Categories: Editorial

It’s been a rough fall for many in the marine industry—between the hurricanes and wildfires. That’s one of the reasons I want to encourage you to register for the 2018 MFA Conference on January 25-27 in Savannah, Ga., if you haven’t yet. After attending IFAI Expo this year in New Orleans, I was struck by how valuable these events are—both personally and professionally.

Professionally, there is so much learning and fellowship that goes on—formally and informally. There are educational sessions exploring new techniques, products and equipment innovations and each presentation provides a treasure trove of notes and knowledge to apply to your own business. The 2018 MFA Conference is filled with opportunities to enhance your understanding of everything from sewing machine shortcuts to hands-on Rhino training (software for CAD modeling).

There will be deep dives into sophisticated upholstery and patterning techniques taught by clever Australians (thanks, mates!), how to trim out enclosures and how to use QuickBooks and other business management software more effectively whether you’re a beginner or a veteran.

The largest ever, sold-out vendor show floor will feature new marine-related products, equipment innovations and the combined knowledge of dealers and suppliers who truly want to help you solve your thorniest problems, just ask them!

On a personal level, the conference is going to be a blast. Savannah is an amazing city filled with ghost stories and great food. There’s a “haunted” costume party to kick off the conference, and to wrap it up, the MFA Awards will celebrate your fellow fabricators’ accomplishments despite a challenging year.

I’ve been impressed by how the marine community extended its warmth and generosity this fall by supporting fabricators who
were hit hard by hurricanes. I feel privileged to attend this gathering, I applaud you and I hope to see you in Savannah. To register, go to www.ifai.com/marineconference.