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Tips for keeping marine fabrics clean and protected

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Care and maintenance of clear vinyl products, especially those like Strataglass® that are coated to be scratch-resistant, requires cleaning methods using specific cleaning and protection products, according to Craig R. Zola, vice president for marketing and distribution at Herculite® Products Inc., parent company of Strataglass, based in Emigsville, Pa.

In the harsh marine environment, it’s important to flush clear vinyl curtains thoroughly with water each time a boat is used, Zola says. “That will rinse away any salt or environmental abrasives that accumulate on the surface,” he explains. “Then you can simply air-dry or use a high-quality chamois or microfiber towel.”

Herculite recommends using the Strataglass Protective Cleaner produced by IMAR Products LLC every week or two to remove dirt accumulation, but Zola suggests keeping it on hand at all times for emergency spot cleaning of any harmful liquids, creams, chemicals or sprays.

“We also recommend polishing marine enclosure curtains made with Strataglass every one or two months with IMAR’s Strataglass Protective Polish,” Zola adds. “That is the most important maintenance procedure to extend the life of the Strataglass and maintain the warranty.”

Peggy Foor, IMAR manager, notes that boats kept in most of the U.S. are fine on the one- to two-month schedule, but in harsher environments, such as Florida, more frequent application is recommended.

Here’s the process Zola recommends for polishing:

Make sure the Strataglass product is clean and dry. Apply a light coat of Strataglass Protective Polish, inside and out, with small, light circular motions using a soft cotton cloth or applicator pad. Allow the polish to quickly dry. Lightly buff with a dry, soft cotton or microfiber cloth to a sparkling smooth shine. The Strataglass Protective Polish should be applied frequently, especially when the enclosure is new. Over time, with multiple applications, the polish will build up a protective barrier and prolong the life of the enclosure curtains.


Jeff Moravec is a freelance writer from Minneapolis, Minn.

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