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Published On: September 1, 2018Categories: Products

These latest products are changing the marine fabricator industry. Want to see your products here? Email:

Temperature resistant

Designed to resist the harshest environments, Stamskin One handles extreme temperatures (-58°F to 302°F) and is insensitive to UV radiation and water. Formulated by Serge Ferrari, the elastomer gives it an ultra-soft touch and “peach skin” effect while combining high-performance thermal comfort.




Tough protection

Combining the performance of Aqualon® Edge with the protection of a soft warp-knit backing, Aqualon Edge Soft provides cover for boats, patio furniture, RV windshields and other applications. It features a front fabric coated with Perfecta Marine® technology for UV performance and heat reduction/reflection. The backing is made of warp-knit polyester fabric for an abrasion-resistant surface that’s safe to use over critical painted surfaces, delicate objects and sensitive gelcoats. This hybrid marine fabric keeps interior temperatures cool and damage-free.


Heavy-duty boat topping

Spradling USA’s uTOPia HD™ is a new heavier and stronger 100 percent solution-dyed polyester boat topping with high UV light resistance and colorfastness. Available in a variety of colors in 100-yard rolls, the fabric is an improved formulation of topping, offering twice the denier of other toppings in the market.

Upcycled leather

LeatherPlus is an engineered leather composite upholstery fabric that is earth-friendly and part of an upcycled leather collection from Enduratex. The process of upcycling transforms byproducts and waste materials into new, eco-friendly materials. It is 70 percent real leather and the entire construction has leather in it, not just the backing. It is available in several patterns and is recommended for the automotive, aviation, hospitality, marine and senior living markets.

Colorful shade

Coolshade is a UV-resistant, premium outdoor fabric that has a wick-resistant scrim and accepts many types of graphics and solvent-based inks. Made in the U.S.A., it meets all required flame resistance specifications, is mildew resistant and has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Available in 22 stocked SKUs; custom color requests with a 1,200-yard minimum.





Lightweight durability

Stafford Textiles Limited’s Solarlite 300 Supreme is a lightweight, durable fabric for outdoor applications such as patio furniture, marine boat tops and recreational vehicle covers. This fabric has excellent water repellency and strength. It is available in nine colors.