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New workbook for schools teaching marine tech

Industry News, News | July 23, 2020 | By:

The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) announced the publication of a new student workbook to bolster the ABYC Fundamentals of Marine Service Technology textbook and curriculum package for high schools and technical colleges. The workbook will help teachers implement classroom and distance learning with a variety of homework exercises, hands-on job assignments, and links to video demonstrations.

“During ABYC’s Educator Training Conference last summer, educators asked us to develop a workbook to complement ABYC’s marine service curriculum,” said Dave Broadbent, ABYC education director. “We are so excited to bring the workbook to life and get it into the hands of students and teachers, especially with the dynamic nature of classes this coming school year.”

The 200+ pages of the student workbook are designed to be removed along the perforations and handed in for grading. A dedicated teacher’s edition is also available with answers and suggestions for demonstrations.

ABYC has developed the Fundamentals program to help schools easily implement a standards-based marine service curriculum, with inland or coastal test options. Participating schools receive a textbook, instructor guides, PowerPoint presentations, online demonstration videos, and quiz samples. Earlier this year, ABYC announced the availability of a digital textbook for distance learning.

Contact David Broadbent at to learn more about the new workbook or ABYC’s marine service technology curriculum package. Visit to order and/or request samples.

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