ABYC publishes updated boat building and repair standards

Published On: August 24, 2022Categories: Industry News, News

The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) has published its 62nd supplement to Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft. The annual publication provides the marine industry with the latest updates to the boat building and repair standards used for more than 90% of the boats constructed in the United States.

This year’s largest supplement published to date has 20 new and revised standards, including the first-ever installation standard for lithium-ion batteries on boats as well as new standards that address warning labels and manufacturer statements of origin. Updated and expanded standards also include fuel fill testing requirements, power-assist hydraulic steering systems, zone of protection for jet boat propulsion controls, outboard engine weights and a revision to the recommended compliance date for C-5 and A-16.

New and revised standards and technical information reports:

E-13, Lithium-Ion Batteries – new

S-32, Warnings and Safety Signs for Boats – new

T-33, Manufacturers Statement of Origin – new

A-32, AC Power Conversion Equipment and Systems

H-8, Buoyancy in the Event of Flooding/Swamping

H-24, Gasoline Fuel Systems

H-29, Canoes and Kayaks

H-30, Hydraulic Systems

H-35, Powering and Load Capacity of Pontoon Boats

H-37, Jet Boats – Light Weight

H-41, Reboarding Means, Ladders, Handholds, Rails, and Lifelines

P-21, Manual Hydraulic Steering Systems

P-23, Mechanical Steering and Propulsion Controls for Jet Boats

S-30, Outboard Engine and Related Equipment Weights

S-31, Environmental Considerations for Systems and Components Installed Onboard Boats

T-1, Aluminum Applications for Boats and Yachts

TE-12, Three Phase AC Electrical Systems on Boats

TH-12, Outboard Engine Mounting Guide

TH-22, Educational Information about Carbon Monoxide

TH-23, Design, Construction, and Testing of Boats in Consideration of Carbon Monoxide

ABYC standards are continually researched, developed, and revised by more than 400 volunteer technical experts and marine professionals participating in Project Technical Committees (PTCs). ABYC members can access the standards and technical tools on ABYC’s website via the standards library. To purchase this or other reports, visit www.abycinc.org/publications.