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Call for candidates for ATA Division Advisory Board positions

ATA news, News | June 13, 2023 | By:

Advanced Textiles Association (ATA) members and staff rely on engaged advisory boards to help guide programming and initiatives. ATA’s Divisions and Groups have announced the following open board positions and are currently looking for applications to fill these spots:

•ATA Canada, 4 openings; 2 renewals

•Fabric Structures Association (FSA), 3 openings; 2 renewals

•Emerging Technologies Council (ETC), 4 openings; 1 renewal

•Marine Fabricators Association (MFA), 4 openings; 2 renewals

•Military Division, 3 openings; 1 renewal

•Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA), 4 openings; 1 renewal

•Tent Rental Division (TRD), No openings

•U.S. Industrial and Narrow Fabrics Institute (USINFI), 1 opening; 1 renewal

•Workforce Development Council, reach out for more information

For an application form, please contact the Advisory Board Division Supervisor for more information via email:

USINFI, ETC, Military, Workforce Development,

PAMA, FSA, Canada,



Each application will be reviewed by the respective ATA Advisory Board Nominations Committee and all candidates will be notified of whether or not they have been moved forward to the slate of nominees by August 15, 2023. Official notice of new advisory board members will be announced at Advanced Textiles Expo on the show floor November 1, 2023.

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