• Seeing success

    Published On: March 1, 2020Categories: Editorial

    How do you define business success? While there is no single definition, most people consider business success to be a combination of factors, some more obvious than others. Financial rewards are typically part of the mix; a profitable business is an important motivator for hard work, risk taking and persevering through failure. For many, the [...]

  • 2020 MFA Conference packs a punch

    Published On: March 1, 2020Categories: News

    Exhibitors and attendees at the 2020 MFA Conference in Daytona Beach, Fla., enjoyed spirited interactions. New this year were in-booth show floor product and technique demonstrations that provided more in-depth opportunities for learning. The 2020 Marine Fabricators Conference that took place Jan. 9-11 in Daytona Beach, Fla., created a vibrant buzz among the 269 registrants, [...]

  • New members join MFA

    Published On: March 1, 2020Categories: News

    Mare Co. SailsChris Gillum +1 310 822 9344San Pedro, Calif.   Ultra PolycoatsManish Singhal Jaipur, Rajasthan, India   Wicked Thredz Marine Canvas & Upholstery LLCAngela Hobbs +1 812 595 2088Charlestown, Ind.   

  • Curated fabric collection

    Published On: March 1, 2020Categories: Products

    The Marine Upholstery Collection is a curated line of products designed to provide the best selection of fabric options for any marine upholstery project. The collection’s four fabric options—Sunbrella® Horizon™, Causeway™, Seaquest, and Nautolex® Capitano™—are available in an extensive range of prices, colors, patterns and textures, and all meet or exceed industry performance standards, including [...]

  • Flexible panel mounting

    Published On: March 1, 2020Categories: Products

    Fastmount’s new SL-SF15A builds on the Stratlock Range, which enables flexible installation yet extremely secure panel mounting to aluminum framework on walls and ceilings. Combining the flexible load chassis and the dual indent mechanism of the Stratlock Range clips, the SL-SF15A expands the types of substrates that can be used. It was developed without the [...]

  • Tested sun protection

    Published On: March 1, 2020Categories: Products

    Parasol™ Commercial Grade Shadecloth is now available in North and South America from select distributors. Sold in Australia for 10 years, the cloth has an established track record for protecting people from the harsh rays of the sun. It is manufactured using a combination of high-density monofilament and tape, which offers a higher degree of [...]

  • Durable polyester

    Published On: March 1, 2020Categories: Products

    SunMaster™ is a versatile 7.5 oz. solution-dyed polyester featuring a 5-year warranty that is specially formulated to withstand just about anything Mother Nature can serve up. The fabric is abrasion resistant and easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for marine, awning, shade, and garden applications such as boat covers, canopies, awnings, patio umbrellas, [...]

  • Fabric Bond Tape

    Published On: March 1, 2020Categories: Products

    Fabric bond tape uses high-quality bonding technology for durable seams. This polyurethane-based welding tape is used to heat seal seams with Hot Air, Hot Wedge, or RF (radio frequency) welding equipment. The 7/8” tape is made for use with polyester, acrylic fabrics and vinyl when welded to acrylics or polyester. It eliminates the need for [...]

  • Outdoor mesh

    Published On: March 1, 2020Categories: Products

    Style PW60 is a specialty mesh for outdoor use. With high UV resistance, water repellency and the ability to be cleaned with bleach without altering color, it can withstand the elements and retain its original look and feel. For outdoor and marine applications. www.apexmills.com

  • 2020 fabric and flooring trends

    Published On: March 1, 2020Categories: Features

    Fabric and flooring trends for the upcoming season—and beyond.  by Sigrid Tornquist Maybe it’s because boats are so special to their owners, or because boat owners are people who love to show off their latest acquisitions. Whatever the reason, most boat owners crave a vessel that showcases statement-making flooring and fabric trends. Aft deck entertaining [...]