March 2015 Issue

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  • There’s little more devastating to boat owners than a fire onboard. Insurance companies might not “total” the boat, which also might mean plenty of restoration work for fabricators.

    Ship Wrecked

    Total boat restorations can be a lucrative, if laborious, project in the wake of fires, storms and water-borne debris.

  • At Canvas Designers Inc., Mike Erickson has specific tables for specific jobs, thus increasing efficiencies.

    Building a dream shop

    Your new, ‘ideal’ shop should not fit your needs like a glove.

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  • Problem deadline dead ahead

    A steady hand and a fallback plan can keep even best-laid plans from veering too far off course.

  • A dog's life

    We invited readers to submit photos of their shop assistants; here is our first gallery.

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