High-Performance Sewing Machines

March 1, 2017

Every trade has its tools, and marine fabrication is no exception. A critically important tool of marine fabrication is the sewing machine. Regardless of the brand, a sewing machine has to be durable, reliable and easily maintained, because it is, after all, the workhorse of a productive shop. Purchasing a professional-grade sewing machine, however, is …

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Taking stock

July 1, 2016

Fabricators’ inventory management needs vary from simple to complex. A customer contacts your shop for a new bimini top for his boat. He meets with you at your business, choosing an ever-popular canvas from your selections. After he provides a down payment, you enter his order into your project management system and initiate the production …

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Competitive edge through technology

New software and hardware help fabricators find new efficiencies. Efficiency and consistent quality are two factors that marine fabricators consider before investing in technology. In addition, the marine industry—and consumers in general—look for customized solutions to meet their unique design needs. Marine fabricators can look to several companies for solutions to improve their production processes. …

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Going social

March 1, 2016

Social-media marketing offers almost unlimited opportunities to connect with customers. The ways in which social media is utilized for business are nearly limitless, but it is especially valuable in building brand equity, highlighting company culture, enhancing public-relations efforts, complementing customer service, augmenting business development, developing customer relationships, and strengthening top of mind awareness. Charlene Clark …

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Know your market, make your sale

February 8, 2016

Social media is a tool that can directly tie conversions to the efforts you set aside to utilize its potential. There are two main sectors of social media that businesses of all sizes can utilize to market their products and services: organic and paid. “Organic social” is the free, content side of social media. The …

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Bringing back Acania

September 1, 2015

Faithful restoration brings back the style of the roaring ’20s. Back in the 1920s and ’30s, large, luxurious cruising yachts were status symbols—often produced for the wealthy who sought to entertain and delight their guests in these elaborate vessels. When built, they earned accolades aplenty—even The New York Times published articles touting the ordering and …

The restoration of historic yacht Acania

August 13, 2015

How the vessel was brought back to glory. The “Roaring ’20s” and early 1930s were a time in U.S. history when some of the country’s wealthiest citizens reveled in the beauty and majesty of elaborate architecture and design of homes, office buildings, resorts and yachts. One such individual was Arthur E. Wheeler, a prominent Wall …

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A clear vision

January 1, 2015

Charlene and Chandler Clark, owners of Signature CanvasMakers in Hampton, Va., are always careful to protect their clear vinyl windows throughout the fabrication and installation processes. “If we are working with a product that does not have a scratch-resistant coating, we will spray the glass with a protectant prior to working with it,” Charlene Clark …

Got you covered

September 2, 2014

Liability insurance protects shop owners from being swamped by possible misfortunes. Predicting the future is like forecasting the weather. You think you know what’s going to happen—then it doesn’t. There has been a great deal written in the past few years concerning the legal liability of companies, usually in terms of a weather-related crisis or …

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Taking the show on the road

July 1, 2014

Mobile shops are an increasingly popular option for onsite repairs. In today’s fast-paced world, what could be better than having your marine fabrication projects done on site? These modular, mobile structures are an excellent solution for a world that craves quick, convenient service but is still unwilling to give up on the exceptional craftsmanship that …