Am I ready for a tablet?

Published On: January 1, 1970Categories: News

To help determine if using a tablet is right for them, Charlene Clark of Signature CanvasMakers suggests marine fabricators think about what could make their jobs easier while saving time and money and improving the customer experience in the process.

Among questions to consider:

  • If you could have information at your fingertips when you are not at the office, what type of information would that be?
  • Do you want to save time in your day-to-day business? If you didn’t have to call the office for a phone number every time you needed to get in touch with a customer, would that save you time?
  • Do you want a way to access all of your appointments and be able to manage your team while you are away from the office?
  • Are there documents you need to frequently use while away from the office?
  • Would you like to take credit cards on a mobile basis?

Holly O’Dell is a freelance writer from Pine City, Minn.