Sustainable Fabrics with Agion Antimicrobial Surface Protection

Published On: April 2, 2010Categories: News

Victor Group, a North America-based textile company, specializes in creating innovative, eco-friendly fabrics designed for the contract and residential markets. A focus on sustainability and development of environmentally friendly materials and processes led to the creation of the Eco Intelligent family of products. The same commitment to an Eco Intelligence philosophy has led to the company’s latest innovation, the integration of Agion antimicrobial technology into post consumer recycled polyester.

Eco Intelligent PC Recycled Polyester with Agion offers eco-friendly benefits along with the revolutionary antimicrobial surface protection of Agion. The fabrics, inclusive of the antimicrobial, dyes and chemicals, are certified Cradle-to-Cradle Silver by MBDC, offering an environmentally friendly solution, while protecting fabric from mold, mildew, odor and destructive microbes.

Agion silver/copper ion technology offers patented, long-lasting antimicrobial protection that minimizes the impact of destructive bacteria, mold, mildew, fungal contaminants and other microorganisms on the protected surface of fabric. Agion utilizes both silver and copper ions because their combined action enhances the overall antimicrobial protection of the treated product. Globally registered, including FDA and EPA, Agion technology is used in health care applications, as well as by the food industry and in homes and offices. This non-leaching technology is naturally occurring and chemical-free. It is the only technology that offers a smart, controlled delivery system to the surface when needed.

Agion’s micron size is durable and effective for the life of the treated product against a broad spectrum of bacteria, mold, mildews and fungi. When Agion technology is extruded into Victor’s Eco Intelligent post-consumer fiber—an industry first—the resulting product features 100% post-consumer polyester construction, 200 hours lightfastness minimum and abrasion results up to 100,000 double-rubs, and excellent brush pill results.

Eco Intelligent PC Recycled Polyester with Agion will be available from leading furniture manufacturers and fabric distributors. These fabrics are as functional as they are beautiful, including the ability to be cleaned using a simple solution of household bleach and water.