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“Living space” expansion on an express cruise

MFA Excellence Awards | March 1, 2013 | By:

Outstanding Achievement Award | Riverside Covers | Fort Myers, Fla.

This project won a 2013 MFA Outstanding Achievement Award in the rigid enclosures category. Our client wanted to expand the “living space” on his express cruiser by enclosing the cockpit area with a tinted enclosure that would provide both air conditioned space and privacy.

Several complex aspects of the project required working with outside contractors. The framework had to be designed to match the shape of the cockpit seating to ensure the enclosure panels were completely vertical and tied into the Costa track. Because the size of the frame exceeded the tubing length available it was necessary to contract with a local welder to extend the length of the legs. The frame measured approximately 12 feet by 12 feet.

We installed the frame, then patterned the top and the enclosure panels all in one day instead of our normal procedure of completing the top, then patterning the enclosure. Because of the difficulty and safety concerns of hinging the large door panel overhead, we designed the main entrance panel to hinge inward and secure with a strap. Using two-tone Sunbrella Supreme with black exterior and tan interior added difficulty in fabrication by using black thread outside and clear thread inside to give an ultra clean finished look.

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