LED lighting

Published On: January 1, 2014Categories: Products

The new LEDPB10W-120X2E LED Boat Light from LarsonElectronics.com provides boaters with a high-output lighting option that uses less power than halogen lamps while providing more light. Built to withstand the corrosive and abusive effects of the marine environment, this LED light bar produces over 10,000 lumens of clean white light while using only 120 watts of power. Producing 10,320 lumens while using only 120 watts at 10 amps, this LED light bar produces more light output than three 50-watt halogen spreader lights combined, yet uses less power.

The new LEDPB10W-240X2E LED Boat Light produces 20,640 lumens of light output in a more compact housing size. IP68 rated waterproof and designed to resist the destructive effects of salt water and the elements, these high intensity LED light bars offer excellent high lumen output coupled with low power requirements.

Source: www.magnalite.com