Phifertex Contract

July 1, 2014

Phifer introduces the Phifertex Contract Line, sling outdoor furniture fabrics designed specifically for the commercial and hospitality segments of the outdoor furniture industry. Available in 16 colors, the PVC-fabric weaves are constructed to withstand extreme weather conditions and are maintenance-free. Phifertex Contract fabrics can be used in awning, umbrella and new exterior fabric applications.

Sitting pretty

With access to better fabrics and accessories, fabricators are crafting boat cushions that look great and perform well. Boat cushion design is leaving the Dark Ages, where basic vinyls, color and patterns have reigned supreme. “Over the past 10 years, fashion and design have become more prevalent in the marine industry,” says Patty Mastrandrea, a …

Global Beat

Silver State introduces the Global Beat line of fabrics. Offering 67 SKUs, the designs feature stripes, solids, twills and textured weaves. The SilverState line of fabric and vinyl suits many applications, including residential, commercial, healthcare and hospitality, and are available in a variety of textures, patterns and colors, many of which are designed to repel …

Brentano faux leather

Brentano introduces Discovery, a new collection of “fantasy leathers,” including Komodo, an embossed polyurethane that recreates the hide of the giant lizard, and Splint, which creates a metallic take on the texture of wood grains or the fissures in tree bark. Both are solvent resistant, antibacterial and bleach-cleanable.

Motorized cover

The Liberator from Jackson Canvas Co. is a fully automatic, remote-controlled mooring cover/cruising top combination for pontoons constructed from Safety Components’ WeatherMAX 80 fabric. The Liberator features four separate positions: mooring cover, bimini, double bimini (full shade) and bridge for low overpass, and was recently named a 2014 Industrial Fabrics Foundation innovation award-winner.


My-Villages has launched the DockMaster 8.0 suite of marine business software for beta testing; it features new navigation, scheduling and dashboard features. DockMaster 8.0 unifies the user experience across all modules, improves overall navigation, and provides flexibility and control over critical data. Its architecture has been upgraded to provide seamless connectivity to off-site “cloud” data …

Cordless drill

BLACK+DECKER has introduced the 20V MAX Lithium Cordless Drill with AutoSense Technology featuring an automatic clutch that is three times more accurate than a mechanical clutch. The drill stops automatically when it senses the screw is flush with the work surface.


Mira Koma, Calif.-based Enduratex has introduced 12 new colors and added its stain-resistant topcoat Forbid to its Predictions line of vinyl-coated fabrics. There are now 24 total SKUs in the Predictions collection. Enduratex serves the marine, automotive, hospitality, healthcare and spa industries.

Compensation control

You can protect your workers … while keeping workers’ compensation costs in line. If you’re a typical marine-fabrication business owner, workers’ compensation costs—or the threat of them—can quickly become a major expense burden. Almost every business in the United States that has employees must deal with the cost of workers’ compensation; it’s a perennial issue, …

On-the-job training vs. classroom workshops

Both have their advocates. Hear from the experts in the marine fabrication industry to see which fits your business. What is the best route to become a skilled marine canvas fabricator? Focused classes or on-the-job training? For Mark Hood, owner of Hood Marine Canvas in Merrimac, Mass., taking a series of focused classes is the …