Serge Ferrari introduces new upholstery material

Published On: January 8, 2016Categories: Industry News, News

Serge Ferrari introduced its new indoor and outdoor furniture upholstery membrane, Stamskin® One, at Paris Design Week in September.

Stamskin One is an elastomer-coated polyester jersey with soft and luxurious feel, similar to worn leather. Its durability makes it ideal for demanding environments like yachts, restaurants, poolside seating, busy waiting areas and massage tables. Stamskin One retains less heat from the body than comparable materials and has been tested to withstand most oils, lotions and cleaning products.

Stamskin One provides exceptional tensile and tear strength and outperforms traditional PVC products in bagging and folding tests. The product is available in 13 colors and is phthalate free. It meets IMO fire testing standards as well as NFPA 260 and 261. Serge Ferrari offers seven-year warranties on Stamskin One’s durability and performance.