New editor comes onboard

Published On: July 1, 2017Categories: Editorial

By way of introduction, let me say right up front I’m a Minnesota girl. My earliest experiences with aquatic life involved a lake, a fishing pole, a Styrofoam container of worms and a long summer morning of catching sunnies off a dock (they also like bacon).

I have sailed, paddled, rowed, motored and floated on tiny ponds and great oceans. I once spent a week floating up (yes up) the Nile on a felucca with a Nubian captain. I also spent two terrible nights sleeping (not sleeping) in the belly of an enormous truck ferry crossing the Aegean Sea during a mid-winter storm. I don’t recommend that. Recently, I spent several glorious days sailing on Lake Superior, thanking my lucky stars that I know people who own boats.

I am also a journalist. I have worked as a radio reporter and a television producer, and I’ve written and edited many news and feature articles for newspapers and magazines about travel, gardening, how-to home topics and kicking around with kids. And now, as editor of Marine Fabricator, I get to tap into and share all you know about the art and technique of marine fabrication.

I am always in awe of people who create things with their hands—especially things that are both functional and beautiful. In my experience, it’s far easier to craft one or the other, but marrying the two requires serious talent, skill
and commitment.

Most journalists are curious people and I’m no exception. There’s a lot to share about the products and processes you use every day to create gorgeous and useful marine projects. And one thing I’ve already learned is how generous you all are with your time and knowledge. I’m looking forward to meeting many of you at the IFAI Expo in September and again at the 2018 Marine Fabricators Conference this winter. In the meantime, if you have story ideas or suggestions for sources, or you just want to chat, my phone and inbox are always available.