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New Years Lesson

Editorial | January 1, 2019 | By:

Do you wake up raring to go, or are you a reluctant riser? For most of us, the answer is “it depends on the day.” Keeping yourself energized takes more than another cup of coffee; it requires staying challenged and curious. A good way of accomplishing this is to continually think of yourself as both a student and a teacher.

Being a lifelong student means always being on the lookout for new ideas, perspectives and ways of doing things. It’s an attitude that encourages flexibility, which helps you adapt to new processes and products. The flip side is sharing your expertise with others. This helps you focus on your own deep knowledge and requires thought about how to present information clearly and concisely. It keeps you sharp and on your toes.

This issue will feed your inner student and allow you to benefit from the knowledge of many generous teachers. “Clearing Up the Differences” discusses options for window materials and how to choose among them to provide your clients with attractive and dependable projects for every circumstance. Tammy Hampton, Cover Girl Marine Canvas & Upholstery, shares her expertise of outside patterning techniques for boat furniture. Terri Madden, Sand Sea & Air Interiors, provides instruction about easy zipper techniques for sewing “smile” and centered zippers.

Rob Kotowski, Lake Shore Boat Top Co. Inc., reflects on the lessons he learned from his father and from rebuilding the family business. The Time Standards Manual, developed with the expertise of the Marine Fabricators Association, will help inform your labor estimates for an efficient and profitable 2019.

Marine Fabricator is always on the lookout for fabricators willing to share their skills with others. Here’s to an exciting year of learning and teaching for all of us. I’m raring to go and I hope you are too.

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