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Tools, tips and tricks

News, Shop Techniques | May 1, 2020 | By:

These are submissions to the 2020 Marine Fabricators Conference Tools, Tips and Tricks contest and Marine Fabricator magazine. 

Tip 1 

Mini fabric table saw

Here’s a slightly dangerous, but effective little tip. Hammer a nice, sharp razor blade at a 45-degree angle into your cutting table. Keep the fabric flat and push or pull it through the blade. Be careful when you’re doing this and whatever you do, do not forget to take the blade out of the table when you’re done! 
Whitney Carman, Even Keel Canvas LLC

Tip 2 

Pencil that never needs sharpening 

The SharpDraw carpenter pencil draws a razor-sharp line every time you use it. This mechanical carpenter pencil system uses a snap-off flat carbon fiber lead that works just like a snap-off utility blade. The pencil’s lead is always sharp, so you always draw a nice, crisp line. You can buy them at hardware stores and online.
Amy Poe, Wyckam Fabric Creations 

This won Third Place in the 2020 MFA Conference Tools, Tips and Tricks contest.

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